Tour-de-Thar’15 – Countdown

This is the end of the year 2015. Dates marked in the calendar and eagerly awaited. Countdown to Tour-de-Thar 2015 has begun.

A big moment for us all. The annual Tour de Thar is happening in December.  Gang of Western Motorsports (WM) and Jeypore Bike Riders (JBR) are getting their bikes, 4X4’s serviced, stocking up their rations, setting aside their budget, checking if their woolens are functional, packing their tents and some buying new riding gear. All this to take part in the dawn to dusk Tour-de-Thar ride through the winter desert.

This year would see some new riders, adventure aspirant youngsters, a female entrant. Some new vehicles joining the WM and JBR stables one of which driven by our favorite JIJI. Team JBR heartily welcomes our new friends and fellow riders.

After much deliberation and route checks a 1, 300 Km Tour de Thar 2015 route was recently announced by Anukraman.

A short synopsis of this year’s route is as under

Day 1 – Jaipur to Seruna

Day 2 –  Seruna to Mohangarh

Day 3 –  Mohangarh to Khaba

Day 4 –  Khaba to Kiradu

Day 5 –  Kiradu to Osiyan

Friends, fellow rider’s safety is paramount for us all. Check you riding gear and your vehicles. Final safety checks would be done by safety officer before you are cleared for the ride at WM HQ.

Some guidelines for all TDT 15 riders

1) Start early & end early – maintain ride schedule for a relaxed, safe & disciplined ride

2) TDT 15 is a long distance ride – long distance riding is like a marathon. It’s not about sprint. Maintain steady pace

3) Stay in formation – single staggered or double file formation with 5 second gap between riders, not only looks good, but safe too.

4) Remember your position – each rider has a allotted position. Stay in that position throughout. It also helps to you to get accustomed to  braking & riding style of the rider in front.

5) Stay together – all riders must ride as one entity. Don’t break the formation unless you have been assigned a task by the leader.

6) Stay calm- at all times stay calm even if the rider in  front increases the gap. Keep the vehicle trailing you in your rear view.

7) Don’t ride ahead of the leader or ride slower than the sweep (last rider in the formation)

8) Check your bike and your health before you ride

9) Carry your emergency medicines

10) Be prepared for emergencies & breakdown

Let the countdown begin!