Moto Dangal 2017 Video Release

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Moto Dangal Video "Anybody can jump a motorcycle. The trouble begins when you try to land it" Nothing can define a rider's relationship with his bike better than these words of Richard Craig aka Evel Knievel. Undeniably, it takes immense amount of practice, passion and technique to hold that bike straight

Tour-de-Thar 2016 Mehfil

Tour-de-Thar 2016 Mehfil The evenings at Tour de Thar are always special. After a full day on the road the 'Mehfils' bring a welcome belief. The bonfire and the open skies brings out the best of everyone. There has never been a dull moment, there was always someone laughing! Even before we

Tour-de-Thar 2016 Khuri

Tour-de-Thar 2016 Khuri You are in the dunes with your friends in the swanky new SUV you recently acquired. It is a perfect winter morning of Tour-de-Thar with dunes spread over to the horizon. Suddenly the SUV starts to lose traction, the wheels are spinning, throwing sand out but are not

Tour-de-Thar 2016 Video

Tour-de-Thar 2016 Video Tour-De-Thar is an annual Desert Expedition organised by Western Motorsports. This expedition satiates our desire of exploring the uncharted - camping on locations that are not even present on google maps. its a week long extravaganza of roads, off roads, dirt tracks, lose sand trails, singing, dancing -

Tour-de-Thar 2016 Bhinmal Kiradu

Tour-de-Thar 2016 Bhinmal and Kiradu. Bhinmal, famous for its Rajasthani ‘Mojri’, quality and workmanship of which is the best. Although the town is famous, It is comfortably tucked away in a corner untouched by the touristy activity. We made our way to Mochiwada, through the narrow lanes snaking and crisscrossing each

Camp WM Sar

Time lapse video of WM and JBR members at the camp of WM Sar. This video was done while we were camping at WM Sar in the winter month of December 2015. The time lapse video starts from our arrival at WM Sar  and ends at our departure the next day.

Monsoon Hadauti Sojourn

Monsoon Hadauti sojourn, an annual event of JBR during the monsoon season.

The Fly Zone Ride

The fly zone ride showcases the open and less travelled back roads drive.