JBR Dangal Chief Guest Hridayeshwar Singh Bhati

Chief Guest

We are delighted to Welcome Hridayeshwar Singh Bhati : Youngest patent holder of India as JBR Dangal Chief Guest on Jeypore Bike Riders birthday celebration. Hridayeshwar is a true example of the Rider's spirit, The One who never stops, whatever the odds maybe. Hridayeshwar Singh Bhati (born 3 September 2002) is an

Dangal 24 hours to go

*JBR दंगल* 6th August 2017 It is time to celebrate 6th Birth Anniversary of Jeypore Bike Riders. https://www.facebook.com/jeyporebikeriders/ And this time it is going to be in true JBR fashion. Offroad motorcycle comepetition which will test ability to control and balance the motorcycle. TSD race which will test mental alertness and mathematical prowess. Tug of

JBR Dangal Preparations

Jeypore Bike Riders would be celebrating their inception day on 6th August 2017. On this day few competitive events and riding skill competitions have been scheduled.  The program will be kicked of early in the morning with a welcome & briefing session by Anukraman Singh over a hot cup of tea.  The

JBR Dangal

Jeypore Bike Riders is celebrating its inception day on 6th August.  Many rides ago Jeypore Bike Riders was born on a concept that no road is too long when you have good company. This thought gathered torque and Jeypore Bike Riders rolled out. Over years our "good company" grew. So did

Tour-de-Thar Fifth Edition 2016

Tour de Thar Logo

Tour-de-Thar Fifth Edition 2016 By Somya Poddar Tour-de-Thar Fifth Edition 2016 (TDT) is a WesternMotorsports initiated motor riding expedition  to showcase Rajasthan for adventure, heritage and cultural destination for travel. Tour-de-Thar unlike other travel expeditions held, goes to unusual places, which are not even talked about and could be rather called ‘raw’ in nature.

Camp WM Sar

Time lapse video of WM and JBR members at the camp of WM Sar. This video was done while we were camping at WM Sar in the winter month of December 2015. The time lapse video starts from our arrival at WM Sar  and ends at our departure the next day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmWnxf9ixE8

Bishangrah Trails Video

Watch the video of Bishangrah Trails where Jeypore Bike Riders & Western Motorsports having fun on loose sand. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EciwMyCcUU

Tour de Thar 2015

Tour de Thar 2015 was yet another successful, eventful ride for all members of WM & JBR. The highlight of this trip was discovery of a remote lake, which only few local villagers knew about. The approach to this lake had tested the driving skills of veterans as well as the