Moto Dangal 2017 Video Release

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Moto Dangal Video

“Anybody can jump a motorcycle. The trouble begins when you try to land it” Nothing can define a rider’s relationship with his bike better than these words of Richard Craig aka Evel Knievel. Undeniably, it takes immense amount of practice, passion and technique to hold that bike straight when it comes to riding bike in challenging terrains involving mud, slush, gravel, rocks, ruts and gradients. And that’s why we at Western Motorsports envisioned ‘Moto Dangal’, a competitive event with a special track prepared on Endurocross format to challenge rider’s grit, strength and his motorcycle’s capabilities against all these elements in a single arena. Whether a PRO Rider or a first time competitor, the track tested everyone on comprehensive riding skills and offroad abilities. The track treated everyone the same and everyone had a fair chance to win. Riders came prepared with their bikes and competed at the Moto Dangal on 3rd September 2017. The riders tried hard to keep the rubbrr side up on a track which wss designed to make them fall. And as they say “What is a warrior without the war marks”.