Monsoon Sojourn 2017 Introduction

Monsoon Sojourn 2017 Introduction

After a hot, dry and tiring summer, monsoon brings a much needed relief. As it casts its magical spell, the arid landscape turns into a soothing green garden almost overnight. Every year we set out to witness this monsoon magic at work. Navigating through the scenic backroads the ‘Monsoon Sojourn’ takes us to some of the most beautiful and offbeat locations. The real joy of monsoon lies on these backroads. The aroma of the first rain, the sights of flora and fauna is intoxicating.

Keeping true to our explorer spirit, we don’t hurry through and take our own time to explore. Though during Monsoon Sojourn, the night stay are pre-arranged the pace of the day is relaxed enabling us to take impromptu stops to explore.

Monsoon Sojourn is a self drive/ride expedition and everyone is invited to join irrespective of the vehicle you ride/drive. In the case you would like to hire  a vehicle and participate in our trip, we could arrange a ride for hire.

Have further queries related to Monsoon Sojourn, would team members would always be there to help you.

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