Dangal 24 hours to go

*JBR दंगल* 6th August 2017 It is time to celebrate 6th Birth Anniversary of Jeypore Bike Riders. https://www.facebook.com/jeyporebikeriders/ And this time it is going to be in true JBR fashion. Offroad motorcycle comepetition which will test ability to control and balance the motorcycle. TSD race which will test mental alertness and mathematical prowess. Tug of

JBR Dangal Preparations

Jeypore Bike Riders would be celebrating their inception day on 6th August 2017. On this day few competitive events and riding skill competitions have been scheduled.  The program will be kicked of early in the morning with a welcome & briefing session by Anukraman Singh over a hot cup of tea.  The

JBR Dangal

Jeypore Bike Riders is celebrating its inception day on 6th August.  Many rides ago Jeypore Bike Riders was born on a concept that no road is too long when you have good company. This thought gathered torque and Jeypore Bike Riders rolled out. Over years our "good company" grew. So did